Face Type

Face Type is a typographic tool that utilizes the user's eyes, mouth and nose to draw an input message. These face parts are randomly mixed and matched in the shape of bubbles (circles or ovals) to create the letterform. The program works in real time with the computer webcam video uses machine learning to detect the face parts. The program also includes different styling options that can also be manipulated while displaying the user's current facial expression. These styling options are: Text Size, Bubble Size, Density (in which the bubbles are placed), shape (from circle to a more squished oval), the choice between displaying the eye, mouth, nose or a combination of two or all three, and Crazy Mode (which displays past video input of the face).

The projects explores how we can make type on the web more interactive, how we can express our feelings and emotions through type and how we can communicate nuances with techniques that are only available in digital spaces.